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I've always had a strong passion for design in all forms.

I am a consumer – be it through social media, magazines, design websites, or stores – continually digesting styles, trends, and visual cues.


I graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where I studied Communications. My focus was Public Relations and I entered that field right away working for an entertainment PR firm managing celebrity clients. This career provided first-hand experience with photo shoots and styling of all kinds to ensure the result was something ready for press or publication. Eventually, I moved back to the Boston area and continued my work in the communications field before ending up at the Museum of Fine Arts in External Relations and then at Harvard in Public Affairs and Communications. My background in fast-paced, demanding environments has required high levels of organization, multi-tasking skills, and a general, positive “can do” attitude. Throughout all of these roles, I’ve worked on interior design projects and events ranging from weddings and galas to office renovations and residential projects in my spare time.


Personally and professionally, I live by the concept of a well-curated home and life, where the smallest details evoke the level of care and passion taken into account. Whether it's for a client or my own home, I love to curate a space and then work to make edits until it's perfect, essentially ensuring the overall look reflects the vision or conveys just the right message. My personal aesthetic is one that usually plays on tension between modern and traditional, eccentric and subtle, vintage and new. I strive to challenge myself and my clients by taking risks and exploring styles wherever possible. 


Brandon Hagen


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